For these 2 monthes, I could have chance to meet to many people from other countries living in Kansai. It is very fun to talk what they think about Japan culture - living style, pratices, cutoms...etc. To have topics besides those general matters,  it's very easy to comminucate about Music. It's very happy to know other country's music also. And, very lucky for me so that  they have interest my job - music therapy, performing or composing.

Last week, I met one guy who living Nara and showed the Youtube videos named "NARA - TOKI NO SHIZUKU 奈良、時の雫" He was very impressed the beautiful scenery and was amazed it's just his living area.
He felt proud his log time living in Japan, never know in daily life. Seemed he was so touched, and would be enjoy to going back to home to Nara.

This is "NARA - TOKI NO SHIZUKU 奈良、時の雫" Youtube site: 
Produced by Koichi Hozan - cameraman. Now he has 537 videos:

And,  these are with MY BGM performed piano.
On top of 9 videos, I recorded at "7th Note Studio" Umeda. 
googling「すみかおり X ほざんこういち」

Enjoy your Japan living!!

Kaori Sumi